MAD - Music Art Dance

Greetings from everyone at the School of Harmony, Inc. and everyone at the Granby Circle complex! Are you MAD (Music, Art, Dance) about the fine arts? The School of Harmony, Inc. is one of southern West Virginia's largest fine arts programs. If you are MAD about the fine arts, we invite you to join a class, take a lesson, attend a recital, and find your creative niche at the School of Harmony, Inc.

On the following pages, you can find information on our program as well as ongoing projects and events. There is plenty to see and guided tours are available for individuals or school groups, call ahead to schedule please.

School of Harmony is honored to announce our All-Steinway School of Distinction Initiative.

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1. Katie Lawrence – National Anthem

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2. James Owens – In The Garden

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3. Paige Hamilton – Rolling In The Deep

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4. Emily Bowen – Recess

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5. Luke Bishop – At The Movies

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6. AJ Bishop – Mr. Flea

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Fall 2013 Recital Opening

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Alex Carr – Eine Kline Nacht Music

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Alex Croy – Remedy

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Alexis Clark – Chasing Pavements

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Alison Jones – Brethren, We Have Met to Worship

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Amy Wright – Moon Beams

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Alex Croy – Popular

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Alex Croy - Popular

Cameron Webb – Dust In The Wind

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Cameron Webb - Dust In The Wind

Brenlyn Richmond – Once Upon A December

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Brenlyn Richmond - Once Upon A December

Avery Bailey – The Library

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Avery Bailey - The Library

Annabelle Woods – White Horse

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Annabelle Woods - White Horse

Anthony Lawrence – Amazing Grace

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Anthony Lawrence - Amazing Grace